Served between the hours. 12.00 - 17.00

Fried,breaded pork with parsley sause and potatoes

​Rye Bread with marin. hering and curry salad

​Spiced hering on rye

​Minced beef steak with peas,fried tomato,french fries and sauce bearnaise

​Omelette with ham, chive and rye


​Ryebread with fried fillet of fish

​Leekpie with salad,dressing and french stick

​Open sandwich with cheese

​Open sandwich with strong cheese,dripping,jelly and onions

​Favourite dish of king Frederik

Ox in spicy sauce with potatoes, french fries,chopped egg,onions and beetroot

​Open sandwich with shrimps,mayonaise and lemon

​"Shooting star" fried and boiled fillet of fish,schrimps,salmon and caviar

​"paris steak"meatsteak with capers,onion,horse radish,beetroot and raw egg yolk

​Deep-fried schrimps,salat and baquette​


​Small fish platter

  • ​Plate of fish:White and spiced hering,shrimps with mayonaise fried filet of fish
  • ​Smooked salmon

​Big platter - Min. 2 persons and only by order in advance

  • ​White and spiced hering with currysalad,fried fillet of fish, eggs, shrimps and ,smoked eel with scrambled eggs, steak of veal, 2 kinds of cheese.​

​Sønder Havnegade 24 ST. 6400 Sønderborg

​Phone us 74 42 23 06

CVR: ​36943416